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Garage Door Repair and Replacement

Burbank Garage Door Repair Installation  Replacement

The Burbank Garage Door Repair is one of the most frequently asked questions by the people, who are living in the cities. The main reason behind it is because of the importance of these garage doors in our daily lives. Without these doors, our garage would not be an ideal space for parking vehicles and other related items. Therefore, if you have a garage and want to install it, then do not think twice or even thrice. There are several ways to do the job and the most convenient way is by hire the expert company for the work.

To begin with, there are many companies that provide the services for the Burbank Garage Door Repair Installation & Replacement. There are mainly two ways to install these doors. The first method is by doing the replacement of the old system by attaching it to the new system and the other method is by fixing the new system on the old system. If you want to replace the old system, then you need to remove the opener from the garage and disconnect it from its power source. This will allow you to remove the spring tensioner as well as the torsion springs that are installed on the door. Now, you need to locate the torsion springs that are about one and half inches high.

Now, after removing all the components from the door and preparing all the things for the garage door repair installation & replacement, you should turn the power back on. Also, you need to secure the door firmly so that you can start the process of the new door repairing. Then, you should mark the area where you need to drill holes. Once you are through with this task, you should proceed to drill the hole for mounting the spring tensioner.

However, if you are installing the new system on the old garage door, then you should start by removing the old garage door first. You can remove both the side panels of the garage door. You can remove the track and the tensioner from the tracks. Then, you should loosen the torsion spring from the tracks and then take them out of the tracks. You should then disconnect the pulley system and the chain from the pulley system by unscrewing them from the tracks.

Now, you can replace the torsion spring of the old system with the new one. You should also attach the track and tensioner to the door by screwing them tightly to each other. After completing the job of garage door repair installation & replacement, you should check the tension of the spring and make sure that it is properly adjusted. Then, you can fix the safety latch of the door. However, if there is any malfunction, you can call the experienced technician from Burbank to repair it.

Garage Door Installation

If you are interested in doing the garage door repair installation and replacement by yourself, you should first read the instruction manual for the details. In this case, you should remember that you need to have some technical knowledge and experience to be able to repair doors properly. If you are not confident with your technical skills, you can hire a technician from Burbank to do the job for you. The technician will be responsible for installing and repairing the door correctly so that you will not have any trouble operating the door.

Burbank Garage Door Repair Installation & Replacement
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Burbank Garage Door Repair Installation & Replacement

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Highly recommended! Excellent professional Garage Door Repair service. Promptly returned my call and fixed my garage on the same day in less than an hour. My garage was an absolute mess. The door was bent at weird angles with one of the guide bars twisted and torn off the wall. he had everything he needed with him, walked me through the process, troubleshooted to determine the cause, and was able to fix it for at a very reasonable cost. Much less than I had anticipated.

William R. Quarles

I was recommended to them, and I was so glad I used them!!!! Not only were they honest they gave me a complete explanation of what went wrong with my door, and want I may need to look for in the future!!! I would highly recommend them them to anyone I know! The are hard working and a very honest company!!!!!

Jon Jimenez

Great service! I called in the afternoon and they were able to come at 7: 30 that night and fixed my garage door on the spot. I will definitely use him again in the future and highly recommend. 

Mildred Willis